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    What is Utah Alimony?

    Sometimes, in the event of a divorce, one person will receive support from the other. Alimony is not child support.

    How is Alimony Determined?

    The amount of alimony is determined fairly through many different factors.
    These factors may include:
    -The needs of one spouse, and the other’s ability to support
    -Maintenance of lifestyle (taking children into consideration)
    -How long the marriage lasted
    -Whether one spouse supported the other to reach schooling or career goals.

    Can We Determined the Amount Ourselves

    You are welcome to determine and settle on an amount outside of court on your own.

    In the even of a major change (e.g., cohabitation, significant change in income, loss of a job, or remarriage) a request for alimony modification can be submitted.

    If you have any further questions, please contact Utah Attorney Donald S. Reay for a free consultation. Make sure you have an attorney with the experience and dedication you need.

    Donald Reay is a knowledgable in Family & Elder Law with experience in litigation procedures.

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