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    Residential Leasing

    Utah Real Estate Law

    Residential Leasing

    Residential Leasing

    Our firm has significant experience drafting, negotiating and settling disputes revolving around Utah real estate, specializing in those concerning office, industrial, commercial/retail, and residential leases.

    What kind of representation do we provide?

    We represent the following parties:
    Property Owners

    We represent the following property types:

    Retail and commercial spaces and shopping centers
    Office buildings and complexes
    Industrial properties
    Ground leases
    Wind energy and mineral leases
    Agricultural land leases

    Be sure to find a lawyer who has proven to be successful in resolving disputes, protecting assets, and adding value.
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    Utah Real Estate Practice Areas

    Donald Reay is an experienced attorney with comprehensive knowledge of litigation & real estate law practices in the state of Utah.

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